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More than just a fuel card, our full service fleet administration program provides an array of fuel, maintenance and service solutions that greatly simplify fleet management.

As a part of the Voyager network with more than 230,000 fueling and maintenance locations, FleetCard4members is powered by one of the nation’s most widely-accepted payment cards for fuel and fleet related services.

Landscapers, utility contractors, any member business that has fuel as a budget item, should know membership allows access to FleetCard4members.

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Why FleetCard4members?

  • Discounts - FleetCard4members cardholders receive a .4% discount on all fuel, repair, and maintenance charges on their invoice.
  • Experience - FleetCard4members has partnered with U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems, a market leader in fleet cards.
  • Cost Savings - FleetCard4members has the power to help our clients leverage savings for their company in the form of merchant discounts, tax exemptions and flexible payment and billing options.
  • Control - Our fleet card provides full, flexible control over purchases.
  • Convenience - FleetCard4members is accepted at more than 230,000 major and regional fuel and maintenance locations in all 50 states, with new sites added daily.
  • Customer Service - Outstanding service is the single-most important benefit we can offer our clients 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. FleetCard4members maintains the highest quality standards for prompt responses to handling customer requests and accuracy of the information provided.

It is the ideal solution for fleets of any size that need a payment and reporting solution for fueling, maintenance and service needs.  Administrators fully benefit from FleetCard4members’controls, online account maintenance, billing reports, and informational tools. Drivers, in turn, operate with the assurance that they have convenient access to fuel, maintenance and related services wherever they drive.