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More Reasons to Buy Local.

Order your office supplies from a local independent company who takes the time to get to you know, BUT has a world-class operation you can trust to meet your every need in their corner.


We Get Local.

office supplies, furniture, technology, and green products

  • No enrollment fees, No contracts, No commitments
  • FREE shipping with no minimum order
  • Continuous monthly special
  • Management tools that provides you with any information you need in seconds
  • Personalized local service you won't get from a mass merchandiser

When you do business with Independent Stationers, you are not an unknown, faceless account. You are a valued customer because the dealers do business in your community and their success depends on you!

(800) 924- 3543

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How Does It Work?

Members who are interested in purchasing office supplies will be set up with an account. This account is used to find local dealers and place orders at www.independentstationers.com.