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About members-SAVE®

Members-SAVE offers popular business products and services, at great savings for members. Conceived operated, and managed by ChamberSolutions, we pre-negotiate special pricing and exclusive offers, and make the savings available to member businesses, regardless of size.  

How'd we get here? The members-SAVE story:  

Just sit right back and you'll here a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. It started in a mighty port (Norfolk & Hampton, VA) aboard two chamber ships.  Okay, that's as far as that goes.  

  Chamber Group Plans, Inc.

Here's the story:

In 1990 a couple forward thinking chamber executives decided to offer group health benefits to their 3000+ business members in Southeast Virginia.  Two years later Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce launched Chamber Group Plans, Inc. (CGP) into existence.

By the year 2000, 8 more partner chambers were added to the mix, and CPG Inc. was transformed into Chamber Select, LLC.

At that point, now 10 chambers strong,  the group had some serious clout with more than 8,000 local chamber members and 125,000 employees.  A solid foothold for benefits had been established in Southeast Virginia.

In 2003,  the partnership rounded out at 14 partners, following the addition of two larger chambers from the western part of the state and one just outside of Richmond.  At that point the business model shifted, and ChamberSelect began trading as ChamberSolutions.

New broader based products and services were available, as new "endorsing” chambers began offering the program and sharing in the value the program delivered.

As the program grew so did demand for a more diverse portfolio of products and services including enhanced health benefits, reduced dental rates, relaxed underwriting on certain insurance coverage, an affordable retail merchant program,  and much more.

In 2001, an agreement with Boise Cascade led to a relationship with the nationally recognized brand OfficeMax. This office supply, furniture, and copy/print program opened the door for us to begin marketing our non-insurance programs nationally.

Recognizing that local chambers were highly unique and had very diverse needs, we developed a nifty new marketing tool that allowed chambers to introduce their own version of our benefits program with the click of a button. Enter members-SAVE®.

This unique proprietary marketing platform is the culmination of 20 years of member benefits expertise and know-how all rolled up into one spiffy solution.

Today more than 60 chambers with upwards of 20,000 member businesses contribute to the buying power of this unique program. And with members-SAVE, we are just beginning.

Hopefully, next time we meet, you can honestly say, “Hey I know you!”  And you will feel comfortable taking advantage of the SAVINGS available to you in every department of your business.   If there’s anything we can do to help make this even easier for you, let us know.

It’s what new friends do.


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