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OfficeMaxAverage 40% SAVINGS Every Day!

office supplies, furniture, technology, & print document services.  

  • No enrollment fees. No contracts. No commitments.
  • FREE Next Day delivery on orders of any size (No minimum order!!)
  • SAVINGS of up to 83% on more than 25,000 of the most popular items
  • Contract pricing at 900+ retail locations with the Retail Connect Card
  • Quarterly coupon promotions
  • PLUS discounts on popular print & document services

Using the purchasing code and/or retail connect card you could SAVE TODAY!  How do you get that!?  Umm ...   Call now, or complete our Inquiry Form.

(800) 924-3543

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Are you  in charge of office supplies?  We can help you look lke a hero!  Our OfficeMax program can save 20-83% on the items your business needs every day.  From office and break room supplies, to furniture, technology and print services through OfficeMax Impress, you can supply all your office needs for less.

So How Does It Work?

By combining the collective purchasing power of thousands of local members businesses, our OfficeMax Advantage Program provides member businesses special contract pricing for "everyday" office supply purchases. Savings will vary by the specific product purchased, and range between 20% to 83% off of list price. Many members report that their office supply savings alone more than pays for the membership dues!  

Each local business is tied to our Members SAVE OfficeMax Advantage master purchasing contract. We provide members a unique username and password that can then be use to buy supplies at www.officemaxworkplace.com - the same purchasing platform that the biggest of the big use to buy their office supplies. Members can also use a Retail Connect Card to obtain contract pricing at the local retail store.

Serious SAVINGS every day!