When members SAVE, members STAY.

There are a ton of options for affinity and member benefits programs. Only members SAVE® offers you a CHOICE of 20 different products and services for your membership AND the resources to market them effectively. With members SAVE you can offer deals in every department of your members' business. 

Day-to-Day Business Expenses:

Health & Human Resources Benefits:

  • ChamberRx - Discount prescription drug card

  • My Payroll Agent - Guaranteed savings on timekeeping options, background checks, HR information tools, and of course payroll services

  • Hearing4Members - Complementary evaluations & discounts on hearing aids and supplies

      Insurance products currently available only in Virginia:
  • Anthem (VA Chambers only ) - Value added benefits to health insurance

  • WorkersComp4members -  (VA Chambers only)  5% Premium discount + Dividend opportunity

  • ChamberSolutions HSA - (VA Chambers only) Affordable high deductible health savings program

  • CTGroup Life Insurance -  Micro-business life insurance option

  • Optima Health (Trade Associations only / call for more information) - Value added benefits to health insurance


Sales / Agents:

It’s no secret that federal legislation is impacting the healthcare industry.  Doctors, hospitals, and insurance agents alike are already feeling the impact of changes being brought about by this sweeping reform.

Insurance agents are especially vulnerable to these changes.  In fact, it is anticipated that agents could face up to a 30% cut in income within the next 6-12 months.  Help your agent members fight back against slipping commissions with our unique “4member Agents” program.  

All you need to do is give your member agents permission to represent the chamber endorsed products above (it’s your call).   Then, let them go.  By doing so, your member agents are developing new revenue opportunities for you and for them.   It also puts your agents in position to encourage membership while promoting new ways for ALL members to SAVE.  Everybody wins.  Contact us to find out more.

Still here?  Read on for a few interesting facts about our products & services:

Our exclusive blend of national brand name & 4members programs is unique and based on 20+ years of member-based business experience.

National Brands

Our brand name programs let the brand drive the member benefit.  These are products and services your member businesses already know, use, and trust.  All you have to do is offer them savings they wouldn't otherwise get on their own.

“4members” In-house brand

Much like a grocery store's in-house brand, our EXCLUSIVE 4members products provide member businesses some of the best programs available at price points otherwise not achievable.   

Why create an in-house brand?  Our 20+ years of experience in serving chambers, associations, and their members have taught us a few things about what is important to members, and unique to membership based organizations.  This acquired knowledge has helped us build customized programs that go beyond what is generally available on the open market.   

Our 4members brand allows us to craft programs with specific features member businesses want.   We then research and negotiate with providers willing to partner with us to deliver the program.   In some instances, providers have requested that we “white label” our program to protect them from competing directly against themselves with the low prices they provide for our program.

Bottom line: each 4members program offers the strength of a national name brand.

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