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Save Up To 15%

AND simplify your fleet operations!

  • SAVE on vehicle fuel, maintenance and repairs with a single card
  • Add simple, more efficient controls to your fleet operations
  • Card accepted at more than 230,000 major/regional fuel and maintenance locations
  • Check out our SAVINGS CALCULATOR at FleetCard4members.com 

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Not your typical fleet or fuel card, FleetCard4members is a powerful resource management tool designed specifically for the operational needs of small business members and large fleet operators alike. Whether running a few company cars or a fleet of 100, this card drives savings to your bottom line! More information is available on the FleetCard4members website.

Administered by PAPCO, Inc. as part of the Voyager network, FleetCard4members provides you with one of the nation’s most widely-accepted payment cards for fuel and fleet related services. Business owners and fleet administrators benefit from FleetCard4members’ controls, online account maintenance, billing reports, and informational tools. While drivers enjoy operating their vehicles knowing they will have convenient access to fuel, maintenance and related repair services wherever they go. See... one solution can make everybody happy. See for yourself how FleetCard4members can SAVE your business time, energy, AND money!

Service Benefits


  • Discounts

- FleetCard4Members cardholders' recieve a .4% discount on all fuel, repair, and maintenance charges whenever the card is used.

  • Experience

- FleetCard4Members has partnered with PAPCO, Inc. and U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems, a market leader in fleet cards.

  • Cost Savings

- There are no card fees or set up fees with FleetCard4members.

- FleetCard4Members has the power to help leverage additional savings in the form of merchant discounts, tax exemptions and flexible payment and billing options.

  • Control

- Our fleet card provides full, flexible control over purchases.

  • Convenience

- FleetCard4Members is accepted at more than 230,000 major and regional fuel and maintenance locations in all 50 states, with new sites added daily.

  • Customer Service

- Outstanding service is the single-most important benefit we can offer our clients — 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. FleetCard4Members maintains the highest quality standards for prompt responses to handling customer requests and accuracy of the information provided.